Simple. Wireless. Effortless.

Just three wireless components

AgPilotX is a new innovative guidance system built by Insero fo aerial applications.

It uses 3 simple, wireless components to accomplish everything a pilot needs. All the components are “smart” meaning they run off their own computer and work independently of the other devices.  All 3 devices work in concert and communicate to each other wirelessly.

Smart Lightbar & GPS / GNSS Receiver

The AgPilotX Smart Lightbar provides guidance and has the GPS/GNSS onboard. It also includes the GPS/GNSS Antenna so there is no need to run an antenna up to the aircraft canopy. All data is initially stored in the Lightbar and can be moved in a number of ways (to a USB stick or wirelessly to an iPad/iPhone or even pushed directly to the cloud).

Insero’s GPS/GNSS receiver also uses GLONASS satellites, doubling the number of satellites wherever the aircraft is flying. This is especially helpful when satellite coverage is spotty at certain times of the day or in particular areas.

iPad Integration

The AgPilotX System includes the latest cell-based Apple iPad Pro with the AgPilotX App pre-loaded. Any time a software update is available, it will prompt the user to update with one button push. Additionally, you can download the free AgPilotX App from the Apple App Store onto any Apple device.

Background Mapping

AgPilotX is the only product that offers you situational awareness through the use of background maps. Have confidence in where you are.

Easy Installation

Installing AgPilotX is simple and straightforward. Apply Power to the lightbar and hub, connect the switches, and go to work.

Third Party Integrations

AgPilotX integrates with many other products like Chem-Man Online, MVP, and AgSync to create an easy to use work-flow.