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Rotor Gear

Rotor Gear Solutions is built on a vision of elite customer service while providing a hub for clients to access the latest and most advanced helicopter equipment for their commercial helicopter operation. The Rotor Gear Solutions team has a wide range of experience and expertise in the commercial helicopter industry and we guide our clients’ decisions to ensure the best return on their investment is made every time.

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Seasoned Helicopter Equipment Specialists

We don’t believe there’s a place for a hard sell approach in this field as this never seems to result in an effective or pleasant outcome for either party. The individuals who make up the core of Rotor Gear Solutions have a passion for the helicopter industry and aviation in general. We see it as a pleasure to be able to work in an industry we enjoy, and as we build relationships and assist people to grow their business using the latest and most innovative helicopter equipment available on the global market.

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Servicing & Supporting Relationships

The experience you get when dealing with Rotor Gear Solutions is one that will give you confidence and reassurance. We maintain a strong relationship with the manufacturers we represent and ensure the technical support for all equipment we supply is readily available at any time.

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The World's Best Helicopter Equipment

We respect the time critical aspect of the industry we operate in, and have a constant focus on ensuring every aspect of what we do is both fast and accurate. The equipment we offer to the global market has been hand picked as the best in the world, and we have surrounded ourselves with great minds from every aspect of our industry to help us continue our growth and development, to ensure we continue to offer not just solutions but the best, most advanced, most economical, most reliable additions to helicopter operators who aspire to be leaders in their field.

Four Locations Spanning the Globe

Rotor Gear Solutions has four core bases, Auckland,New Zealand, Clermont, Queensland Australia, Portland, Oregon and Flora, Illinois, USA. This gives us the ability to best service our customers with systems, spares and technical support regardless of their geographical location.