For Fertilizer, Baiting & Seeding Applications

The Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket comes in a range of capacities to suit fertiliser, baiting and seeding bucket applications. The unique features set them apart from other spreaders available with variable flow control and product placement on the distribution spinner. The unique spinner design also ensures maximum and even product spread using a minimal amount of horsepower.

Even Spread Distribution For Maximum Returns

Designed to be strong, lightweight and to provide an even spread distribution. The Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket will ensure that your investment will provide maximum return. The Ground-Effect Spreading Bucket has been successfully implemented into many countries throughout the world for a variety of applications. With a strong network of representatives supporting various local markets the Ground-Effect Spreading range will prove to be an essential addition to any professional helicopter agricultural operation.

Ground-Effect Accessories Include:

  • Product Agitator
  • Hopper Lid
  • Motor Upgrades
  • Spinner enhancement