Heavy & Fast Application

The Ground-Effect Lime Bucket is designed specifically for the heavy and fast application of lime and similar products. It offers an adjustable application rate of up to 2000 Kg/Ha or 1786 Lbs/Acre. The images above show Ground-Effect Lime Buckets in action.

Pneumatic Powered

The bulk application bucket is pneumatic-powered by aircraft bleed air or a bucket mounted air compressor. Adjustment of the door opening position allows the operator to vary the application rate simply and quickly without the requirement of any special tools.

Agitator Systems Now Available

Agitator systems are also available for the bulk application bucket, which minimises the risk of product bridging or hanging up in the bucket.

Lifting Strops, SPreader Bar & Wiring

This system is available in a range of sizes and comes complete with certified lifting strops, a spreader bar suited to your helicopter, and all wiring and airlines required to suit your helicopter configuration.