For those helicopter operators that are using the Cloudburst Fire Bucket with the stainless steel folding ring and Velcro retention tabs, we at IMS would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the areas that may cause concern with the use of these buckets with the Velcro.

As we strive to ensure safety in the design of the Cloudburst fire bucket with functionality following closely behind, we wish to notify operators of the areas to check and maintain to continue the safe operation of these buckets.

Some of you will have Cloudburst fire buckets with the stainless steel folding top ring and Velcro retention tabs. If you have one of these buckets please ensure that for the safe operation of these buckets the following pre-flight procedures are adhered to..

Pre-Flight Safety Checklist

Cloudburst buckets should receive a strict pre-flight inspection on every component according to the checklist below before each flight, to ensure the safety and the quality of the operation.

Should anyone have any concerns about their Cloudburst fire bucket please contact us or send you bucket to us for a free assessment / inspection of its safety and operational function.

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Kind Regards, Richard Lane, Managing Director of IMS New Zealand Ltd